For pharmacies

British Rhinological Society recommendations for treating smell loss:
  • Smell training: twice-daily mindful sniffing of odours
  • Good nasal hygiene using a regular nasal rinse solution (Neilmed or similar)
  • Connecting with others with the same condition

Pharmacy support staff can be confident in recommending these actions for anyone affected by smell loss. This includes people who have lost their sense of smell following Covid-19 who are taking a long time to recover and may also be experiencing distorted, disgusting smells with parosmia.

It is recommended that anyone who has noticed a deterioration in their sense of smell and taste not caused by a virus or head injury should see their GP to rule out other conditions.

Helping your patient

Patients with a smell disorder are more likely to suffer depressionweight loss/gain, feelings of isolation and increased anxiety.

With limited treatment options available, we understand the support patients need and we’re here to help them find an improved quality of life.

Trusted information

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