Eating with altered taste and smell

These articles explain why smell disorders make the eating experience very different. Head over to the AbScent Network for conversation about how others are managing, share recipes and tips, and pick up some eating inspiration. 

AbScent community member Mimi Ellis combines a medical background with her own experience of smell loss to help people the healthiest they can be. Mimi, based in the USA, contributes regularly to food items on the AbScent Network.


Meal replacement drinks: our taste test results

Parosmia patients’ verdict on meal replacement drinks

Crop woman showing paper cup

Can you enjoy coffee and chocolate again?

AbScent’s Parosmia Focus Groups – real world learning from real patients

Meatballs and Mashed Sweet Potato

Loss of taste? What to eat

How to eat well when you have altered taste and smell

Assorted Cooked Foods

Smell taste and flavour

Your quick guide to the senses involved in eating

Calm senior woman and teenage girl in casual clothes looking at each other and talking while eating cookies and cooking pastry in contemporary kitchen at home

Five ways to overcome eating challenges

Strategies for eating well with a smell disorder


You’re not a picky eater

When parosmia limits your eating options, you need to be clear about the facts.


Making meals more appealing

Researchers have found that adding flavour enhancements can make food more palatable

Woman In The Kitchen Cooking

Why do cooking smells make me gag?

We look at why cooking smells trigger parosmia.


Experiment with food strategies

Parosmia may make it difficult to eat so here’s some things to try.

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Sensory Star

Using all five senses to fill the gap

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When food has lost its joy

Altered eating with a smell disorder


Life Kitchen’s ‘Taste & Flavour’ recipe book

Free to download recipes created for people with smell disorders