Our co-authored research papers

Parosmia and altered taste in patients recovering from Covid 19 (December 2022)

The role of social media in improving patient recruitment for research studies on persistent post-infectious olfactory dysfunction (February 2022)

The burden of prolonged smell and taste loss in Covid-19 (published July 2022)

Insights into the molecular triggers of parosmia based on gas chromatography olfactometry (published May 2022)

Parosmia – a common consequence of Covid-19 (published April 2022)

Emerging pattern of post-Covid-19 parosmia and its effect on food perception (published March 2022)

Prevalence and correlates of parosmia and phantosmia among smell disorders (published Ocober 2021)

EPOS 4 Patients (Published 2021)

Prevalence and persistence of smell and taste dysfunction in COVID-19; how should dental practices apply diagnostic criteria? (February 2021)

Altered smell and taste: Anosmia, parosmia and the impact of long Covid-19 (published September 2021)

Patients’ perspectives on qualitative olfactory dysfunction: thematic analysis of social media posts (published March 2021)

More than smell – Covid-19 is associated with severe impairment of smell, taste, and chemesthesis (published September 2020)

Management of new onset loss of sense of smell during the Covid-19 pandemic (published August 2020)

Our founder, Chrissi Kelly, has also contributed to the Long Covid self-help guide, a top-rated handbook for the management of Long Covid. Also available as an audio book.