Introducing the Anosmic Chef, Miranda!

Through my work with people who have lost, or never had, their sense of smell, I’ve met Miranda, the Anosmic Chef. I love the vibrancy, texture, and beauty of her food. Like many who truly understand how to enjoy food without the olfactory sense, Miranda is full of positivity. I encourage you to read more about her journey as a congenital anosmic here. What’s beautiful about the recipe below is that you can tailor it to your own preference, if parosmia is a problem for you. So for you parosmics, leave out the onions! 😉

Miranda writes:

Loving my crunchy vegetable toast as a breakfast treat and what a good change from the regular oats, eggs or peanut butter toast servings! I am not sure about you but breakfast is a given with us in our home. Even though it has not always been this way but like most things we seem to have grown into it.

We have not always been the best breakfast people.  I for one am still more of a brunch person than a breakfast soul. My husband on the other hand seems to wake up and look forward to breakfast.  More of a fried egg and bacon or omelette type of person, vegetables on toast is not popular with him at all but that’s okay because I am here to enjoy it for both of us!  I always make two slices when I do make a veggie toast bake, I may as well since the oven is already on. One for breakfast and one for lunch or late snack, that how I eat it.

Crunchy Vegetable Toast

This toast tastes wonderful, actually no, it tastes AMAZING!  If you can eat it the minute it comes out the oven then do that because the fresh crisp crusts with tender roasted vegetables will have you hooked.

Quick & easy bites like this are so convenient when you have bits and pieces of left over veggies in the fridge that you left there when you made that beautiful soup? Now you have half of everything looking at you each time you open the fridge? Here’s a way to use them – Veggie Toast.

Versatility of this Crunchy Vegetable Toast

  • any type of bread can be used but best would be your favorite type 
  • mix the veggies up using any and all left over pieces
Tomato Sauce
  • Again, you favorite tomato sauce.  Here I used Passatta (always on hand)
  • mozzarella/white cheddar grated. Half at the bottom and half on top before grilling however, you can experiment with you favorite cheese, vegetables or even fruit!